In 2020, Tiancheng Medical will achieve high-quality growth!

Today, I have the honor to invite the founder of Tiancheng Medical, Chairman Yang Enlin, to accept our interview and chat with us in detail about the advantages of "online and offline integrated medical device management and technical service platform" that has made us a leader in China. There are also Tiancheng Medical and Yang Dong's personal development planning and positioning.

Interview Preface

7 周年庆之际,相信不少合作伙伴以及天成的新员工们都对公司的发展现状和未来规划充满好奇,今天小编有幸邀请到天成医疗杨恩林董事长接受我们的采访,跟我们聊聊天成医疗的“线上线下一体化医疗设备管理和技术服务平台”发展战略,未来凭哪些优势可以做到国内领先,以及杨董个人的创业体会。 On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the establishment of Tiancheng Medical , I believe that many partners and new employees of Tiancheng are curious about the company's development status and future planning. Today, Xiaobian was fortunate to invite Tiancheng Medical Chairman Yang Enlin to accept our interview. Talk to us about the development strategy of "Online and Offline Integrated Medical Device Management and Technical Service Platform" for medical care. What are the advantages in the future that can lead the country and Yang Dong's personal entrepreneurial experience?

Interview text

Q: Yang Dong, I'm glad you can accept our interview. First of all, congratulations to the 7th anniversary of the establishment of Tiancheng Medical. In the new stage of entering the eighth year of development, what new development plan does Tiancheng Medical have?

A: Thank you. 7 周年,可分为两个阶段,一是成立之初到 2017 年的 5 年间 The 7th anniversary of the establishment of Tiancheng Medical Care can be divided into two stages. One is the five years from the beginning of the establishment to 2017 . , Tiancheng Medical's newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, slamming, savage growth. 2018 年开始,面对急剧变化的外部环境和公司经营状况,及时进行战略调整,明确把“国内领先的线上线下一体化医疗设备管理和技术服务平台”,作为自己第二个 5 年发展规划。 Second , starting from 2018 , in the face of the rapidly changing external environment and the company's operating conditions, make strategic adjustments in a timely manner, clearly defining the "leading domestic online and offline integrated medical device management and technical service platform" as its second 5 Annual development plan. 10 月份,新签技术服务合同额已经比去年增长了100% 2019 is the second year of implementing this strategic plan and has achieved very good results. By October of this year, the value of newly signed technical service contracts had increased by 100% compared to last year . 5 年时间,“持续向同一个城墙口冲锋”,到 2022 年公司成立 10 周年时,希望设备管理和服务的二甲及以上资质的医院超过 100 家,服务的设备总值超过 300 亿元,处于行业领先地位。 In 2018 , the company's management decided to "continue to attack the same city wall entrance" for 5 years. By the 20th anniversary of the company's establishment in 2022 , it hopes that there will be more than 100 hospitals with Class A and above qualifications for equipment management and service. With a total value of over 30 billion yuan, it is in a leading position in the industry.


Q: Yang Dong, you said that "the leading domestic online and offline integrated medical device management and technical service platform" is our company's second five-year development strategy. What is the competitive advantage of our implementation of this strategy?

+ 高技术服务”公司,源于达安的优质基因,我们一直秉持技术驱动的经营理念。 A: Tiancheng Medical is an "Internet + high-tech service" company invested and established by Daan Gene Co., Ltd. of Sun Yat-sen University . Originated from Daan's high-quality genes, we have always adhered to the technology-driven business philosophy. 2014 年开始承接国内*家三甲医院设备总包服务至今,通过 5 年时间的努力,目前在全国设置 14 个项目服务部,服务的二甲及以上资质的医疗机构已经超过 30 家,管理的设备总值超过 100 亿元,在国内同行中处于*方阵。 Since 2014 , we have been undertaking general equipment contracting services for the top three first-class hospitals in China. Through 5 years of hard work, we currently set up 14 project service departments across the country. There are more than 30 second-tier and above-qualified medical institutions . The total value of the equipment exceeds 10 billion yuan, and it is in the * square matrix among domestic counterparts. 18 年我们获得广东省第二张平台交易备案证书。 Our Tiancheng Medical Network ranks in the medical equipment segment *. In 18 years, we obtained the second platform transaction filing certificate of Guangdong Province. Therefore, the brand advantage should be Tiancheng Medical's * advantage resource.

Tiancheng Medical's second core competitive advantage should be our operational management and technical service capabilities. 1 个亿还是 10 几个亿的资产,交给我们管理客户完全可以放心,我们服务时间最长的一家三甲医院已经超过了5年,表明我们的服务质量已经得到客户的充分信任。 This is reflected in three aspects. One is our project management capabilities. Whether it is 100 million or more than one billion assets, it is completely safe for us to manage our customers. The top three hospitals with the longest service time have exceeded 5 Years, showing that our service quality has been fully trusted by customers. This year, we proposed the refinement of equipment management and the refinement of technical services, and entered the "dualization" stage, indicating that our management level has been at the forefront of peers. 1.0 版本进化到 2.0 版本,在此基础上,将来要提炼出行业标准操作手册。 The second is the operation manual that we have summarized in actual combat. It has begun to evolve from version 1.0 to version 2.0 . Based on this, an industry standard operation manual will be refined in the future. This indicates that our management cadres have moved from the traditional "master with apprentice" model to a modern management stage that relies on process, system, and system management. 20 多家医院进行推广和运用。 Third, our intelligent management system has been promoted and used in more than 20 hospitals. This self-developed management system condenses the needs of the leaders of many hospitals we serve. The system is open and compatible. It can be connected to the existing system of the hospital and can be customized at any time according to the individual needs of the hospital Upgrade development.

Tiancheng's third competitiveness is our Internet platform. We undertake all the equipment management and technical services of the hospital offline. For the key technologies and core components that we cannot solve, we use the Internet we built to solve them. When the company was first established in 12 years, the * employees we recruited externally were responsible for the construction of the Internet platform. 00 家。 We have established direct parts supply and technical service relationships with mainstream medical equipment manufacturers at home and abroad. We have confirmed nearly 10,000 parts consumables databases one by one, and there are more than 600 suppliers . 1000 多名工程师建立了服务和结算关系。 We have established an engineer service platform and established service and settlement relationships with more than 1,000 engineers. Now the online and offline integrated service model created by Tiancheng Medical has taken shape. Demands are created offline, and supply is provided online. Both parties have formed a dual-core virtuous cycle.


Q: Yang Dong, you talked about Tiancheng's competitive advantage just now. So what are our shortcomings? What can I do?

A: Most of our current management teams have a technical and management background. Our disadvantage is mainly in our market expansion capabilities. To this end, we use various methods such as self-employment, agency, joint ventures, and intermediary services to cooperate with social resources to accelerate market expansion. The market expansion is mainly used for the increase of development. We still have a large amount of stock resources, which are our existing customers. As long as we take advantage of our technical and management advantages, we can let our existing customers experience the value of our services. To pass on their reputation in the industry, this is our competitive advantage, and in the future it will be our main marketing method.

Q: Yang Dong, Tiancheng Medical has been established for 7 years. What is your experience in 7 years of entrepreneurship? What is your personal position for your future?

2012 年,当时国家大力推动“大众创业、万众创新”,受外部良好的市场环境推动,加上股东方和投资者的支持以及我们自身的努力,天成医疗获得了快速增长,但这种增长是粗放的外延式增长,是难以为继的,就是大家常说的“只有退潮以后,才知道谁在裸泳”。 A: Tiancheng Medical was established in 2012. At that time, the country vigorously promoted "mass entrepreneurship and innovation by all people". Driven by a good external market environment, coupled with the support of shareholders and investors and our own efforts, Tiancheng Medical achieved rapid growth However, this kind of growth is an extensive and episodic growth, which is difficult to sustain. It is often said that "only after the ebb tide, who knows who is swimming naked." At the beginning of 18 , we realized the problems of this kind of growth, so we made timely adjustments and put forward a qualitative growth focusing on our core capabilities. After nearly two years of efforts, this adjustment has been basically completed. Next year, we will begin to enter the second growth cycle. This growth is of qualitative growth. The so-called quality is the key technology and competitiveness that can be achieved. Profitable and positive cash flow.

The * problem you face in the start-up phase is to keep trial and error, and you do n’t know which way is right. At this time, the theory and experience you already have may not work. "Only after I tried it did I know the right and wrong. If I was right, I continued to move forward and started the next attempt until * found a correct way. 4 年,估计现在这个数据会更差了。 Many companies failed to try. I saw a data saying that the average life of Chinese SMEs is less than 4 years. It is estimated that this data will be worse now. Therefore, in the past two years, when the external economic situation is getting worse, the main focus of my work is cash flow management, and the most important issue is the survival of enterprises. I always feel that death is watching us not far away, waiting for us to fall, so there is a lot of pressure, how to lead companies to climb the snow-capped mountains and walk through the grassland, find a sustainable development path, how to stay away from death, Go further.

0 1 ”的发展阶段,现在企业进入到“从 1 10 ”的发展新阶段。 In 7 years of entrepreneurship, it can only be said that the development stage of "from 0 to 1 " has basically been completed , and now the enterprise has entered a new stage of development from " 1 to 10 ". 20 多年的从业经验,他意志坚定,阅历丰富,作风踏实,学习能力强。 Starting this year, I will hand over the company's daily operations and management to a team headed by Li En. Li En is the general manager of the company. President Li has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He is determined and has rich experience. Work style and strong learning ability. 7 年来,也积累了一批在市场中爬摸滚打锻炼出来的骨干队伍,现在核心团队成员中刘卫东、罗伟清、黄浩彬等,基本上都是 7 年来一起创业的同事,大家理念一致,目标一致,利益一致,相信在李总的带领下,一定能很好的完成我们既定的发展目标。 In the 7 years since the company was founded , it has also accumulated a number of backbone teams who have been training in the market. Now the core team members Liu Weidong, Luo Weiqing, Huang Haobin, etc. are basically colleagues who have started a business together for 7 years. The goals are the same and the interests are the same. I believe that under the leadership of President Li, we will be able to achieve our established development goals very well.

At the same time, in order to highlight the company's main business, the three independent business units spun off last year have been operating well for a year and are in a relatively good period of development. 融资担保投资股份有限公司合资成立的壹链通医疗供应链公司,把 安明珠女士领导的供应链业务注入其中, 目前运营良好,业务处于快速成长期。 The one-chain medical supply chain company that we jointly established with Guangdong Zhongying Shengda Financial Guarantee Investment Co., Ltd. has injected the supply chain business led by Ms. An Mingzhu into it. It is currently operating well and the business is in a rapid growth stage. The Kelang science and technology service team led by General Manager Tong Qingning, one of the services served is the industrialization of the organ transplant project of the scientific research team of the First Affiliated Hospital of CUHK. , The project won the start-up group * name. The Tianyi purification engineering team led by the general manager Peng Kunbo has further enhanced the company's qualifications and has gained popularity in the industry and gained better influence.

In the future, my personal work will mainly involve the company's strategic, risk, operating environment and investment affairs. The daily operation and management work will be mainly led by the team led by President Li.

Q: Thank you Yang Dong for accepting our interview. I sincerely wish that the company, under the leadership of the board of directors and management, will successfully achieve the second five-year development goal and usher in a bright future for Tiancheng.

11 3 November 3 , 2019


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