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Jinshan Yinsi grabs hot season

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[ About Tiancheng Medical ]

11月,是中山大学达安基因股份有限公司(上市代码: 002030 )的投资企业,是卫生部医药生物工程技术研究中心合作机构,广州市总部企业。 Guangzhou Tiancheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tiancheng Medical") was established in November 2012. It is an investment enterprise of Sun Yat-sen University Daan Gene Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002030 ) and is a medical biotechnology research center of the Ministry of Health. Cooperative agency, Guangzhou headquarters enterprise. The company upholds the core values of "openness, collaboration, and sharing". By building an integrated online and offline medical equipment life cycle management platform, the company can directly connect manufacturers and medical institution terminals online, and provide offline and upstream medical industry supplies Businesses and end users provide equipment management, Internet, medical engineering and various value-added services.

端和移动端均排名第一。 The company's Tiancheng Medical Network (www.heb-jmc.com) is a leading comprehensive online service platform for the medical industry in China. In the field of medical equipment segmentation, both the PC and mobile terminals ranked first.



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[Recruitment post]

[Medical Device Maintenance Engineer]

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for technical work such as medical equipment maintenance;

2. Responsible for inventory of equipment assets, inspection and maintenance of medical institutions;

3. Assist the superior to complete the various service indicators of the company in the maintenance medical institution.

job requirements

1. 1 year and more than 1 year of medical device maintenance work experience, college degree or above in biomedical engineering, medical device maintenance, medical electronics, etc

2. Strong hands-on ability, professional and solid, with good communication skills and customer service awareness;

3, like medical equipment maintenance, circuit board-level maintenance capabilities are preferred;

4, with a team spirit and good learning and professionalism;

5. Able to accept job assignments and serve at hospitals.

Work locations: Guangzhou, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Guilin, Guangxi, Jinzhou, Liaoning, Longyan, Fujian, etc.

[PR Manager]

Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist the general manager to complete the daily work, coordinate the communication between the general manager and various departments, and provide the general manager with the necessary information services and support;
2. Responsible for the reception and public relations of the company's important external events, effectively establish a good corporate image and promote cooperative relations in business meetings;
3. Responsible for company customer maintenance, customer entertainment and reception of visiting customers;

4. Can flexibly and properly respond to various emergencies and successfully complete the tasks assigned by the general manager.


job requirements:
1. College degree or above, marketing, secretarial and other related majors are preferred, familiar with basic business etiquette, table etiquette and reception ability;
2. More than 3 years of work experience, including 1 year of sales or marketing experience, good image and temperament, and a certain degree of professionalism;
3. Have strong communication and expression skills, can accept irregular business trips, and be proficient in using computer office software;
4, flexible reflection, clean and clear processing, decisive and efficient, strong execution, adapt to the pace of work of growing enterprises.


Job Responsibilities:

1. Compile project construction costs, do a good job of internal control and confidentiality of the budget, and ensure the profit completion rate set by the company;

2. Estimate the budget according to the drawings, and ensure that the difference between the two is small without changing the original design and materials.

3. Participate in materials and equipment inspection and inquiry, and check the procurement of raw materials;

4. Strive to learn and understand the basic knowledge of the company's various processes, and strive to make the budget more accurate and omissions;

5. Review the construction drawings, grasp the progress of the construction site, and find problems;

6. Complete the pre-settlement work in a timely manner, guarantee the quality and quantity, and ensure the smooth progress of other processes.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in engineering cost, construction engineering, etc .;

2, 2 years or more of interior or hardcover work experience, experience in purification engineering industry is preferred;

3. Skilled in using pre-clearing software such as Guanglianda and office software such as WORD and EXCEL;

4. Familiar with the engineering drawings, master the project budget quota and related policies and regulations, and those with cost certificate or professional title certificate are preferred.


[Electrical Designer]

1. Responsible for strong and weak power design;

2. Responsible for statistics of electrical design engineering quantities, and cooperate with electrical related technical parameters of the bidding department;

3. Provide technical support for sales department and engineering department;

4. Leaders explain other matters.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in electrical engineering related to building electrification, electrical automation, etc., at least two years of work experience in purification electrical design or purification electrical construction (such as: operating room, ICU, disinfection supply room, laboratory, pathology and other medical engineering (Laboratory engineering; clean plant engineering);

2. Familiar with the working principle and process of electrical equipment, familiar with electrical design and drawing, have a solid technical theoretical foundation and technical work experience, and are familiar with the principle of self-control of purification air conditioning;

3. Familiar with CAD, EXCEL, WORD, PPT, Tianzheng Electric and other software;

4. Loyalty and integrity, proactive, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have good team spirit, and be able to cooperate and interact well with others;

5, good at communicating with customers and colleagues, timely understanding of customer needs, and effective communication with customers.


[Taobao / Tmall Customer Service Specialist]

1. Communicate with customers through online chat tools (Wangwang, QQ, etc.), answer customer questions about products, and independently complete online shopping pre-sale, sale, and after-sale work

2. Handle the daily affairs of Tmall / Taobao and other online stores, including online message reply, order management, arrival tracking, evaluation management, etc.

3. Good at solving after-sales problems and know how to solve customer's return and exchange requirements;

4. Regularly maintain customer relationships and promote interaction and sales.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, with half a year's customer service work experience of Tmall / Taobao;

2.Mandarin standard, strong language skills, good at communication;

3.Clear mind, quick thinking, good service consciousness, patience and meticulous work;

4. Have a team spirit and basic computer skills;

5. Good computer skills, familiar with office software and network tools.

[Sale of big coffee]

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the follow-up of the hospital medical equipment comprehensive management service business in the regional market, the orderly access of target hospitals, and business signing work;

2. Responsible for relationship maintenance of contracted hospitals;

3. Follow up the handling of problems in the project service process and establish a scientific and effective monitoring mechanism;

If you have hundreds of dealer resources

If you have related hospital resources but cannot find a good platform cooperation

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Full-not only your wallet but also your ideals

Benefits—gain money, knowledge, and skills

Sufficient—enough development space

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