Daily hot news 丨 Sogou high-level group leaving? University of Hong Kong develops new drugs to prevent and treat AIDS

Today's highlights: ① ZTE was hit hard again, and Taiwan MediaTek was reported to stop selling chips to ZTE; ② A major breakthrough! The University of Hong Kong has developed new drugs for the prevention and treatment of AIDS; ③ The National Health and Medical Commission stated that Internet hospitals must be located in physical medical institutions ... More exciting content, not to be missed!
Dear friends, welcome to the "Hot News" section on April 28.

In the past two days, everyone should be touched by the historic meeting between the leaders of the DPRK and South Korea. The peninsula, which has been deadlocked for decades, is now in unprecedented harmony, but the Sino-US trade war on this side has not yet been eased.

After ZTE was sanctioned by the United States, Qualcomm stopped providing imported components and could only pin its hopes on MediaTek in Taiwan. A few days ago, according to Bloomberg News, MediaTek CEO Lixing Xing said that the Taiwan authorities had asked MediaTek to stop selling chips to ZTE. Although MediaTek said: "No statement has been issued that the chip cannot be sold to ZTE." However, the situation does not look good.

Mr. Hou Weigui, founder of ZTE, retired from ZTE in 16 years

But if it is true, it is undoubtedly worse. Brother Tiancheng also hopes, just a false alarm!

Okay, return to the true story. The following time returns to today's hot news:

丨 Medical headlines

National Health Commission formally regulates out-of-hospital prescriptions

On April 26, the National Health and Medical Commission held a press conference to re-interpret the forthcoming "Opinions on Promoting the Development of the" Internet + Medical and Health ", to support the exploration of medical institution prescription and drug retail information sharing, and to explore the opening of out-of-hospital prescriptions and Third-party delivery, through the online consultation, prescription, and home delivery of medicines. Internet hospitals that have long been exploring the market for online prescriptions and product distribution may usher in "formal liberalization".

Another breakthrough! University of Hong Kong develops new drugs to prevent and treat AIDS

The University of Hong Kong announced on April 26 that its research team has developed a new antibody drug that protects cells from HIV infection and clears the virus, and has successfully performed experiments in mice.

丨 Medical News

National Health Commission: Internet hospitals must land in physical medical institutions

Jiao Yahui, the relevant person in charge of the National Health and Medical Commission's Medical Administration and Hospital Management Bureau, said on April 26 that Internet hospitals must be located in physical medical institutions. Increase the responsibility of the main body of medical and health services, and conduct unified supervision online and offline to ensure the quality and safety of "Internet + medical and health" services.

Doctor online diagnosis and treatment will leave marks throughout

The National Health and Medical Commission held a special press conference on April 26 to introduce the development of "Internet + medical health". Jiao Yahui, deputy director of the State Administration of Health and Medical Care Administration pointed out that in the future, doctors' online diagnosis and treatment identities will be digitally authenticated, and the doctor's diagnosis and treatment behavior will be supervised throughout the process to ensure traces and traceability online.

National Health Commission issued a document to regulate stroke diagnosis and treatment hospitals or create new posts

The National Health Commission issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Stroke Diagnosis and Treatment", and put forward requirements for strengthening the management of stroke diagnosis and treatment.

Shandong Province clears 54 high-value drugs for dual channel purchase

Shandong Province clarified the high-value drugs required for the treatment of 54 major diseases, adopted the "dual-channel" sales model of designated medical institutions and designated retail pharmacies, and required cities and municipalities to incorporate the charges of designated specialty retail pharmacies into the medical insurance settlement system as soon as possible to achieve immediate Networked settlement.

Medical consortium welcomes evaluation plan, large hospitals need to cut meat

Recently, the Guangxi Health and Family Planning Commission issued the "Guangxi Medical Consortium Construction Evaluation Scheme" after deliberation and approval by 3 directors' meetings, and announced the Guangxi Medical Consortium Construction Evaluation Scoring Standard. It is worth noting that the "Plan" takes the number of patients transferred from higher-level medical institutions as an assessment indicator compared with the same period last year, and scores 6 points for a growth of more than 50%, and 2 points for each 5 percentage points reduction. It is intended to force large hospitals to perform their duties of assistance, open source and open gates, and form convection, to a certain extent, protect the interests of primary medical institutions, and lay the foundation for the win-win situation of lower-level hospitals.

丨 Research Frontiers

"Nature" announced that super CAR-T cells completely make tumor disappear

* An internationally renowned academic journal "Nature-Biotechnology" published a blockbuster article on immunotherapy tumors online. A team of scientists from Japan transferred IL-17 and CCL-19 genes into CAR-T cells. "Super CAR-T cells" that can effectively kill tumors are prepared. Such cells survive longer in the body and can effectively help DC cells and T cells infiltrate into tumor tissues and kill tumors together.

"Nature" publishes the first major breakthrough in the preservation of human organs in 30 years: the body temperature mechanical perfusion technology reduces the organ waste rate by 50%!

Recently, David Nasralla and colleagues from Oxford University conducted the first randomized trial of 220 liver transplant patients, comparing conventional static cold storage (SCS) and normothermic machine perfusion (NMP) methods. Based on the measurement of liver injury biomarkers, it was found that compared with the former, mechanical temperature perfusion of body temperature caused less damage to the donor liver (approximately 50%), and the average preservation period of the liver increased by 54% (12 hours vs 8 hours). The utilization rate is reduced by 50%. The results of these studies mean that if NMP can be widely promoted in the clinic, it is likely to greatly reduce the "waste" caused by the decline in the quality of organs in vitro, bring positive effects to liver transplantation, and transform the entire field of organ transplantation.

New CAR-T therapy promises to reduce treatment side effects

Recently, Autolus announced the signing of a licensing agreement to obtain a global license for new CD19 chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy from UCL Business. The therapy has novel targeting properties for the treatment of B-cell malignancies and is designed to reduce cytokine release syndrome.

American anti-cancer "first magic drug" nivolumab succeeds in Chinese lung cancer patients for the first time

Recently, Professor Wu Yilong, the lifelong director of Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, released a blockbuster news at the annual meeting of the American Cancer Research Association (AACR) as the principal investigator: Bristol-Myers Squibb's PD-1 inhibitor nivolumab (Opdivo) was the first non-Chinese Success in patients with small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Zika virus kills cancer cells and cures brain tumors

Recently, a group of researchers at the University of São Paulo in Brazil, after repeated experiments, found that Zika virus can kill cancer cells and cure brain tumors. This brain tumor poses a devastating risk to children under five.

丨 Investment and financing

Pro-Health announces completion of tens of millions of Pre-A rounds of financing

Recently, Pro-Health (Cayudi Medical Laboratory), which has been established for 3 years, announced that it has successfully split from its main body, Cayudi Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., as an independent entity, announced the completion of tens of millions of Pre-A rounds of financing. The round of financing is jointly invested by Fengrui Capital and Lianli Capital. After this round of financing, Pro-Health will focus on precision health services for women and children in the microbiome of the large health field, with the three major industrial chains of women and children precision medical products, doctor services, premature education and telemedicine as the supporting points. Doctors' remote diagnosis and treatment services, artificial intelligence and big data, and probiotics and other product solutions are the new business entities of Pro-Health, improving the closed-loop layout of precision health services for women and children.

Australia to spend $ 1.5 million on multiple ulcer cases

The Australian Federal Government has announced that it will invest 1.5 million Australian dollars (about 7.17 million yuan) in the research of a Buruli ulcer disease and is committed to reducing its spread in Australia.

Ruikang Pharmaceutical's net profit of 1.008 billion last year laid out the development and production of advanced medical devices

Ruikang Pharmaceutical released the 2017 annual report. During the reporting period, the company realized operating income of 23.294 billion yuan, an increase of 49.14% over the same period last year. The net profit attributable to the parent company was 1.008 billion yuan, an increase of 70.66% over the same period last year. Ruikang Pharmaceutical said that the growth of the company's revenue and profits mainly comes from the completion of the layout of the national marketing network and the rapid growth of the medical device business. In 2018, grandma will fully complete the layout of "31 provincial platforms + 10 core business lines", and promote the full access of its subsidiary companies to the SAP information system, enhance the business connotation value, and optimize accounts receivable and cash flow management.

丨 Internet +

Popular reviews have been revised again, like Douyin and Xiaohongshu

Version 10.0.1 of the public comment was released on April 23. If you use a sentence to describe the new version, it is to introduce star platforms like Xiaohongshu, video recordings like vibrato, and smart push like headlines. Combining the strengths of today's popular apps with the public commentary, I am struggling to realize my dream of platform + content + scene + social. This is the sixth revision of the public comment in three months.

Ali Wang Shuai denied participating in today's headline financing: Ali has no intention and is not good at the media industry

In response to industry rumors that Alibaba will invest billions of dollars to participate in today ’s headline financing, Wang Shuai, chairman of the Ali Group ’s market public relations committee, denied that Alibaba was unintentional and not good at the media industry, and it will be the same in the future. Alibaba lacks the gene and interest of the media group planning. I didn't think about it, and I definitely couldn't do it well, so I thought about it long ago.

Sogou executives leave collectively?

A social networking platform broke the news, and three people at Sogou's top level were going to start a business and posted their resumes. The three were: Sogou * operation officer Ru Liyun, Sogou vertical search department * director Xun Zijian and Sogou web search PM Han Yifan. Sogou officials have not responded publicly. However, Sogou's internal staff said that there had been internal rumors, and the content was consistent with the breaking news.

Microsoft releases Office 2019 preview

Microsoft is now previewing Office 2019 features and improvements. The software maker is offering enterprise customers its * Office 2019 preview, with features typically found in Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. Office 2019 will include common Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook client applications, as well as server versions of Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business.

Alipay's overseas territory expands again, Ant Financial and Bangladesh ’s Alipay “bKash” cooperate

On April 26, Bangladesh mobile payment company bKash and Ant Financial announced a strategic cooperation. Ant Financial will share technology and experience with bKash to create a local version of Alipay in Bangladesh. At this point, Alipay's overseas local wallet partners have increased to 9, forming a 9 + 1 pattern, providing services to more than 3 billion (including a global population of 7.4 billion) user markets including China. These countries are all along the "Belt and Road".

丨 The boss has something to say

Li Shufu: It is not easy for ordinary people to make money. Do not use the Internet or electric cars everywhere.

On April 26th, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, once again talked about Internet car building at the 2018 China Automotive Forum. He said, "We must embrace the Internet, but we must not abuse it. Now some people use the Internet and electric cars to wander around. This is dangerous . It is not easy for ordinary people to make some money, and it is very distressing. "

He believes that the fate that dominates China's future automobile industry lies in the self-awareness of traditional automobile companies, rather than listening to the flicker of Internet companies all day long.

Li Shufu has repeatedly accused Internet companies of making cars in order to make money instead of making cars.

In the end, Tiancheng brother will share a news with you to see if you are on the list:

Recently, statistics from the British National Medical Service System show that the six occupations that are most likely to gain weight are: ① shift workers (night shift) workers; ② chefs; ③ taxi drivers (coach drivers); ④ takeaways; ⑤ office workers ⑥ Medical staff. Among these 6 occupations, problems such as lack of exercise, irregular diet, and high psychological stress are likely to lead to obesity.

In this regard, Tiancheng brother sitting in the office all day wants to say that life is not easy, take good care of yourself.

happy weekend!
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