Daily news 丨 Chuan Didi plans to IPO as early as this year; 17 heavy supervision measures of the Discipline Inspection Commission have been introduced, and strict inspection of consumables rebates!

Today's highlights: ① Chuan Didi plans to IPO at the earliest this year, seeking a valuation of at least 70-80 billion US dollars; ② 17 heavy supervision measures of the Discipline Inspection Commission were introduced, and strict inspection of consumable rebates! ③Shanghai became the first city to pass the provincial malaria elimination assessment ... more exciting content, not to be missed!
Dear friends, welcome to the "Hot News" section on April 25th.

Brother Tiancheng was surprised when he saw a news yesterday:

Some media reported today that Toutiao issued an internal letter confirming that the company will use the brand name of byte beating and bytedance in the future, and will no longer use "Today Toutiao" to represent the company's external image.

In response, Today ’s headline responded, “We have n’t changed its name, we ’ve always called Byte Beat. Today ’s Headline is just a product of Byte Beat.”

It is said that this is the byte map of the global business represented by the new brand image:

So, is n’t today ’s headline called today ’s headline?

Okay, return to our hot news today and see what's new in the medical circle and the Internet.

丨 Medical headlines

National Health Commission: Shanghai becomes first city to pass provincial malaria assessment

According to Mao Qun'an, director of the National Health and Medical Commission's Disease Control Bureau, by 2017, China * has achieved no annual reports of local malaria infections. A total of 2672 imported imported cases and 3 transfusion infection cases have been reported nationwide. At the same time, 99.5% of the districts and counties and 83.3% of the prefectures and cities passed the malaria elimination assessment, and Shanghai became the only place that passed the provincial malaria elimination assessment.

Imported anticancer drugs will have zero tariff experts estimate or reduce prices by 20%

Starting from May 1 this year, the import tariffs on all common drugs including anticancer drugs, biological drugs with anticancer effects, and Chinese patent medicines with actual imports will be reduced to zero, so that all of the anticancer drugs actually imported in China will be realized. Zero tariff. Some experts estimate that the price of imported anticancer drugs is expected to be reduced by 20% under a combination of measures.

The creature "lunar plan" set sail! The "Earth Biological Genome Project" launched by BGI was officially released

On April 24, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) officially released a scientific outlook article for the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP). The proposal of the EBP project will help integrate biological genomic research around the world, form a more valuable scientific research system, promote the orderly and efficient research of species, help us fully understand the mysteries of the evolution of life on Earth, and greatly promote Development of species protection work.

丨 Medical News

Discipline Inspection Commission: 17 heavy regulatory measures were introduced, and strict inspection of consumables rebates!

Recently, the Xi'an Discipline Inspection Commission issued the "Implementation Opinions of the Municipal Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organs to Increase the Accountability of Supervision and Discipline to Further Serve and Catch up and Surpass the Implementation Opinions", 17 measures to strictly investigate corruption and accept bribes! The rebate of drugs and consumables in the medical field will be rectified!

Error rate reaches 40%! Consumer genetic testing is not a fortune-telling artifact

Recently, the international authoritative academic journal "Medical Genetics" released a study that analyzed the original data of 49 cases using consumer-grade genes to detect genetic variation. When compared with clinical trial data, it was found that up to 40% of the mutations were false positives. This means that the error rate of this detection method reaches 40%.

The pharmaceutical industry has a "strange disease"

A group of advertising "magic drugs" has recently attracted attention. A survey by reporters found that more than 40 listed pharmaceutical companies had more than 40 sales expenses that accounted for more than 30% of operating income and 66% of them. Among them, many pharmaceutical companies spend more than 100 million yuan on advertising costs, exceeding their own R & D costs.

There are 114 medical consortia in Guangzhou

The 50 third-level public hospitals in Guangzhou established 114 medical associations in 11 districts, covering 49 second-level hospitals and 296 first-level and below medical institutions. Last year, the city's top three hospitals saw a decrease of 3.55%.

Liaoning family doctor contract service fee is shared by three parties to encourage general practitioner training

A few days ago, the General Office of the Liaoning Provincial Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Reform and Improvement of the Training and Use of Incentive Mechanisms for General Practitioners". The "Opinions" encourages social forces to provide family doctor contracting services in general clinics. By the end of 2018, there are no less than 5 general clinics providing family doctor contracting services in various cities.

Chinese women and children's medical institutions white paper released

China's first White Paper on Women and Children's Medical Institutions in China in 2018 was released. It is predicted that there will be about 156 million women of child-bearing age in China in 2020, and the number of women of child-bearing age in China will drop to 110 million by 2030.

丨 Research Frontiers

Chinese scholars develop new anti-cancer drugs can kill lung cancer and other regenerative cells 100%

Recently, the team of Professor Wang Ning from the School of Life Sciences of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the team of researchers from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed a new anti-cancer drug to achieve a major breakthrough, which can kill 100% of breast cancer, lung cancer and other regenerating cells. Improve the cure rate of cancer.

For the first time: Nanopore sequencing makes influenza virus "wonder"

Recently, scientists have successfully used a new "nopore" sequencing technology * to read RNA strands through a tiny molecular channel to obtain the natural virus genome.

New discovery! Scientists claim to find genes dependent on allergies

The Vienna Medical University team found that the HLA-DR1 gene and allergen-specific reactive T cells play a key role in allergies to artemisia plants.

丨 Investment and financing

Xiaozha couple funded 15 million US dollars! Boosting the Human Cell Map Project

Recently, the Zuckerbergs said that they provided $ 15 million to fund 85 projects designed to create computing tools, algorithms, visualizations, and benchmark datasets to facilitate the wider scientific community to use the human cell atlas generated by participants Massive molecular and imaging data.

Home care service company Fushoukang receives new round of financing, led by Huayi Capital

Recently, Fusukang, a home-based elderly care service company, received a new round of financing, led by Huayi Capital. This round of financing is mainly used for the construction and operation of nursing stations to provide better nursing services for disabled elders.

Gaotejia invests in the leader in assisted reproductive gene testing, Jiabao Renhe, to accelerate the layout of subdivided fields

Recently, Gaotejia Investment completed the investment in the leading company in the field of assisted reproduction gene testing, Jiabao Renhe, and has continued to accelerate the layout of various subdivisions of gene testing.

HKEx: New IPO rules allow unprofitable biotech companies to list in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has issued new IPO rules that allow companies with dual equity structures to list. New IPO rules allow non-profit biotech companies to list in Hong Kong.

丨 Internet +

JD.com launches Kepler light mall applet, "hunting" not settled in merchants

On April 24, Jingdong Kepler Light Mall Mini Program was officially launched, which is a service platform for merchants who have not settled in Jingdong Mall. 36 氪 It is learned from JD. Brands do not need to settle in the JD.com platform, they can directly publish retail product information in the Kepler Light Mall applet. JD.com can provide merchants with retail infrastructure services such as trading, marketing and logistics.

Former Tmall President Qiao Feng joins global business, and senior Ali executives go global

Yesterday, Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, said in an interview with 36 氪 and other media at a business conference held in Australia that former Tmall president Wang Yulei (Hua Qiao Feng) will return to serve as North American business ambassador, responsible for Alibaba in the United States, Canada And other markets for global business. The current trend is that veterans of Alibaba are taking full responsibility for leading Alibaba's global business.

Chuan Didi plans to IPO as early as this year, seeking valuation of at least 70-80 billion US dollars

On April 24, the Wall Street Journal quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Didi Chuxing is discussing a multi-billion dollar * public offering plan and is seeking a valuation of at least $ 70 billion to $ 80 billion. People familiar with the matter also said that Didi has recently been discussing the feasibility of listing in the second half of the year with several banks. The IPO financing is mainly used to defend competitors from China and other countries.

Facebook announces 8,000-word content review standard

Facebook on Tuesday published a detailed content review guide on the company's website that specifies what content its 2.2 billion users can post on Facebook. There is also a set of appeal procedures that allow users to request a review of the content that was deleted by mistake. This content review guide published by Facebook is 8000 words long, contains a lot of text and pictures that Facebook regularly reviews, and details each category.

Sogou COO Ru Liyun suspected to leave the company and join Grape Holdings

Phoenix Technology News, Sogou COO Ru Liyun may leave the company and start a business. According to the data of SkyEye, Ru Liyun has become the legal person of Shanghai Grape Holdings Co., Ltd. and holds 15% of the company's shares, but the news has not yet received Ru Liyun. I confirm.

Meituan Wang Xing: Internet has shifted to user needs and core technology drivers in the second half

Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan Comments, said that the new era has given this generation the opportunity to build digital China and more social responsibilities. At the same time, it is necessary to vigorously develop core technologies. China ’s Internet development is being driven from user needs to user needs. And the core technology is two-wheel drive.

丨 The boss has something to say

Netflix founder: would rather sell copyrights than Alibaba in the Chinese market

Recently, Netflix Global CEO Reed Hastings was asked when he entered the Chinese market in an interview with Business Week. He responded by saying:

"The three big guys in the Chinese video industry are too powerful. We would rather choose to sell copyrights to Chinese companies instead of directly entering the Chinese market. I know very well that we must not beat Alibaba in the Chinese market."


Before ending today ’s hot news, Tiancheng brother shared with you a message of “Fortune Road”. In China, where Alipay occupies half of the world of mobile payment, it is a bit incredible:

A high-paying recruitment notice appeared on a school bulletin board in New York, USA: a souvenir shop recruited Chinese staff who spoke Mandarin in Alipay, and paid 18 US dollars (about 114 yuan) an hour. If you work 8 hours a day, you can get more than 900 yuan in compensation. In such a month, the salary is close to 30,000 yuan.

Some netizens said that they wanted to lie to me to collect cash.

What do you think?
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