Daily hot news 丨 Tencent supports, Jack Ma speaks, chip may save the country by BAT; the State Council issued a major signal, soaring demand for such equipment

Today's highlights: ① WeChat supports small program games and will nurture small game developers; ② The State Council meeting releases major signals, and demand for telemedicine equipment will soar; ③ Wandong Medical disrupts the ultrasound market ... More exciting content, not to be missed !!
Dear friends, welcome to the "Hot News" section on April 20.

Early in the morning, Tiancheng brother was laughed at by a news that "the two men wanted to rob Ma Yun and stayed for two days without even understanding Ali's doors."

Two men went straight to Hangzhou to rob Jack Ma, but they found out that even several gates of Alibaba were unclear. Later, he planned to rob the Hailan Group boss and was arrested by the police before implementation.

Jack Ma may think so: I haven't got paid since I started my business in 1999, and I don't have any interest in money. The key is that I use cash only with Alipay. What are you robbing me about?

After relaxing, go back to our medical news and see what the news is today:

丨 Medical headlines

State Council meeting releases major signals Demand for telemedicine equipment will soar!

Recently, Premier Li Keqiang hosted an executive meeting of the State Council to determine the measures to develop the "Internet + Medical Health" and clearly promoted telemedicine to cover all medical consortia and county-level hospitals across the country.

This undoubtedly sends a major signal to the medical device industry! After Guizhou purchased 6,698 sets of telemedicine equipment for 930 million, in 2018, the state will invest a lot of resources on telemedicine projects, whether it is financial funds or policy support, especially medical testing equipment!

丨 Medical News

Shanghai opens first nationwide rehabilitation and discharge line

From April 19th, Shanghai officially opened the "962120" rehabilitation and discharge line to divert non-emergency patients, ensuring the "120" emergency phone is available and effective treatment of emergency patients. It is reported that the service of this special line can be provided by social forces through a special transfer vehicle, which is the first rehabilitation and discharge line in the country.

Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital became affiliated hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

On the afternoon of April 18th, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital jointly held the launch meeting of Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Hospital Affiliated Hospital. This is a way for hospitals and universities to form a strong alliance in the context of implementing the "Healthy China" strategy.

Cao Xuetao Elected Academician of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

On April 18, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences officially announced the list of academicians elected in 2018, with a total of 177 academicians and 36 foreign academicians being elected. Among them, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, former dean of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Cao Xuetao, director of Nankai University *, and Yuan Xingyuan, senior professor of the Chinese Department of Peking University and dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were elected foreign academicians of the academy.

Beijing Friendship Hospital Completes First National "Mixed Reality" Assisted Auditory Neuroma Surgery

Recently, the Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery of Beijing Friendship Hospital successfully performed the first nationally used "mixed reality" technology-assisted trans-laboratory acoustic neuroma resection for an acoustic neuroma patient.

Tsinghua and The Lancet Joint Recommendation: Encourage residents to participate in health care facility planning

Tsinghua University and The Lancet jointly released an invited report entitled "Urban Health: Unleashing Urban Power and Building a Healthy China", suggesting that residents should be encouraged to participate in the planning and location of medical and health services. This is the nearly 200-year-old publication of The Lancet * in cooperation with Chinese research institutions.

丨 Research Frontiers

CAR-T therapy brings "new surprise"

Scientists * from Stanford University School of Medicine have confirmed that GD2-targeted CAR-T cells can defeat a deadly childhood brain tumor, brain stem glioma DIPG, in a mouse model.

"Urine test for cancer" Japan enters demonstration stage and is expected to be used in 2020

A joint research team at the University of Nagoya in Japan and the National Cancer Research Center of Japan has started empirical tests this month to determine whether cancer has occurred through urine tests, which is still worldwide *. They hope that the technology can be put into use in 2020.

丨 Investment and financing

New AI medical player Revived gets $ 1.5 million seed round

Recently, the MIT team ReviveMed received a $ 1.5 million seed round investment led by Rivas Capital, followed by TechU, Team Builder Ventures and WorldQuant. This funding will be used to expand the team of engineers and data scientists. ReviveMed is using metabolomics as an entry point and using machine learning to find the link between newly developed drugs and illness.

Wants to use AI to support new drug development, BenevolentAI raises $ 115 million in funding

On April 19th, BenevolentAI received another US $ 115 million in new financing. This is a British company that uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze medical information and support new drug research and development. The company's founder, Ken Mulvaney, claims that the company's current valuation reached $ 2.1 billion and that the new investment will be used to continue to enhance its core AI technology.

Opium Biotech receives nearly 100 million yuan financing led by Huaxing Medical Industry Fund

Opium Biotech, a research and development manufacturer of culture media, has announced that it has completed strategic financing of nearly 100 million yuan. The investors are Huaxing Medical Industry Fund and Dachen Venture Capital. It is understood that the transaction is a single financing up to now in the field of cell culture in China *. The funds will be used to increase the production capacity of cell culture media and speed up the construction of a biomedical outsourcing development and production (CDMO) platform and team building.

Hanhai Gene secures 218 million yuan in Series A financing, and the third-generation gene sequencer may revolutionize the clinical testing market

Hanhai Gene has recently completed a Series A financing of 218 million, led by Tongsheng Capital, and five institutions including Xiyi Assets participated in the joint investment. At present, the company has independently developed the third-generation gene sequencer GenoCare. After this round of financing, the company will establish a mass production line of sequencers and conduct external testing of the sequencers in conjunction with the top three hospitals and research institutes.

Wandong Medical acquires Yum!

On April 19, Wandong Medical issued a * Announcement announcing that the company's participation in the acquisition of the acquisition of funds, namely Shanghai Luzi Enterprise Management Consulting Center (Limited Partnership), has completed the acquisition of Italian Yum! The transaction amount was 232.1 million euros (about RMB 1.803 billion). Through the acquisition, Wandong Medical has realized the complete layout of medical imaging and aims to break the existing structure of the ultrasound market.

丨 Internet +

WeChat supports applet games

In order to support innovation and improve the user experience of games, mini-games will provide support to developers in the early stage, which can obtain higher revenue. In 2018, the monthly in-app purchase flow of each mini-game in Android is less than 500,000 yuan (including 500,000 yuan). The 40% channel technical service fee charged by Tencent will be fed back to the small game developers, which means that Tencent does not charge this Channel technical service fee.

Tencent Arica bus scan code travel

Ant Financial and Tencent are vigorously promoting ride codes in the field of public transportation. Ant Financial will push 100 cities in the coming year to realize code-scanning and public transportation. In addition to large and medium-sized cities, cities on the third, fourth and lower levels will also be included. Last week, Tencent proposed a "sweeping city" plan for ride codes, hoping to access all first-tier cities this year.

Net letter layout artificial intelligence, Star array Go vs Ke Jie battle soon

Recently, the "AI Strategic Cooperation Press Conference" jointly organized by Wangxin Group and Star array Go made a notice that Ke Jie will play against artificial intelligence in Fuzhou again. This game will be "domestic" artificial intelligence-"Star array Go "(Golaxy). This game will also become a key event in the "Berry Gene Cup" 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Go tournament.

Facebook joins AI core battle, chip may save the country by BAT

Facebook is hiring a manager responsible for building an "end-to-end SoC / ASIC, firmware, and driver development organization" with the goal of reducing dependence on chip giants such as Qualcomm and Intel. If Amazon and Facebook really do the chip making, the four major US Internet giants Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon will have the ability to independently develop chips.

The four major AI giants in the U.S. all make chips. How far is BAT from the road to making cores? It is understood that in addition to technology, BAT mainly invests in AI chip companies.

Intel retreats from wearables market

According to foreign media reports, after several failed attempts to penetrate the wearable device market, Intel plans to close its new device division, which has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on this project. The employees involved will either migrate to other Intel divisions or be fired.

Baidu collaborates with Meituan on driverless delivery, first order or landing on Xiong'an

Baidu internal staff revealed that Baidu and Meituan have reached relevant cooperation to apply driverless technology to food delivery, and plan to take the lead in piloting in Xiong'an. The cooperation was originally planned to be released on May 1st, but because Xiong'an's infrastructure construction has not kept up, this cooperation release is expected to be delayed.

丨 The boss has something to say

Ma Yun: I don't think the trade war will start

On April 19, Alibaba Group and the Thai government announced a strategic cooperation. Alibaba Board Chairman Ma Yun said in Bangkok, "We believe in free trade, and we hope that free trade policies and trade activities can be further advanced to ensure more diversified trade. I don't think the trade war will begin, and our businessmen hope that all parties can sit Negotiations. Trade can solve political problems, but politics is not the solution. "
Today's medical news is over. Today is Friday. I wish everyone a happy weekend
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